Water and Energy Education Program

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Fourth Grade Energy: Where Does Our Electricity Come From?

In this 75-minute classroom visit, students will explore the question, Where does our electricity come from? Hands-on activities will involve exploration and problem solving using electrical circuits, a wind-powered electric generator, and solar panels. 

Sixth Grade: Electricity and Climate Change

Students will explore the connection between the electricity we use everyday and our changing climate in two class visits. Lesson 1 is a 60-minute classroom lesson with an introduction to global warming and several stations in which students independently investigate how electricity is made. The second visit, Lesson 2 is a 90-minute STEM workshop where students work in groups to design and test wind blades to create electricity using a small generator.

Careers at the Water Agency

Careers at Sonoma Water (Grades 9 - 12)

Through this program, high school students will learn about exciting career opportunities with Sonoma Water. Our classroom visit will provide a one-hour, hands-on presentation designed to explore jobs in the water industry, including engineers, mechanics, water and wastewater treatment plant operators, environmental specialists, and more! Students can also request a free job shadow session with Sonoma Water staff.

FREE Classroom Materials

1. Map of renewable energy projects developed in Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Order up to 5 copies for your classroom. 

2. 12" flexible vinyl ruler, in inches and centimeters. Order a class set.

FREE Teacher Workshops

Attend a free teacher workshop! Open to all teachers and educators.

Water Awareness Poster Contest

Poster Contest

The poster contest is open all 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade teachers. Help us spread the word about the importance of water conservation by inspiring your students to create a colorful poster that could ultimately be included in our annual Water Awareness Calendar.

Free ZunZun Musical Watershed Assembly

FREE ZunZun Musical Watershed Assembly

ZunZun’s Musical Watershed Assembly engages students with musical segments focused on sustainability, water pollution, recycling, climate change, watershed ecology, storm drain run-off, sanitary sewer systems, and water and energy conservation.

Download Water Education Activities

Water Education Activities

Check out some of our favorite water related science experiments and activities.

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