Board Approves Critical Infrastructure Investment in Water Transmission Storage Tank Maintenance


August 30, 2022


Andrea Rodriguez

Communications Manager

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Santa Rosa, CA – On Tuesday, August 30, the Board of Directors of the Sonoma County Water Agency (Sonoma Water) approved an $8.2 million long-term agreement for the maintenance of 18 water storage tanks.

The tanks have a total combined capacity of 128.8 million gallons and are an integral component of Sonoma Water’s transmission system.   Maintaining and improving the reliability of the water system storage tanks is vital in continuing to provide clean drinking water to approximately 600,000 residents in nine major cities and water districts within Sonoma and Marin counties. 

“The Board’s action today is a signal of our commitment to our water storage system. We are making a 10-year investment in critical water transmission infrastructure that provides clean safe water for everyday use for fire suppression, and for other emergencies,” said Chair James Gore, 4th District Supervisor.  

The Board action approved a long-term agreement between Sonoma Water and Superior Tank Solutions, Inc. for the maintenance of the water transmission system’s storage tanks. Sonoma Water will oversee maintenance activities and continue to maintain full control and operation of the water storage tanks to preserve water quality and safe operation. The approach to the 10-year maintenance program is to initially understand the condition of each tank, followed by maintenance and repair activities implemented throughout the duration of this agreement. 

A two-phase approach has been developed to achieve Sonoma Water’s objectives.

  • Phase 1 will include an in-depth assessment of 13 tanks, which excludes 5 tanks that have either recently undergone comprehensive renovation or are currently in the design phase for renovation. The renovation and maintenance needs of each tank will be individually scrutinized by tank experts in order to prioritize future tank renovation projects.  
  • Phase 2 will include a long-term maintenance program for all 18 tanks that is designed to keep the tanks in regulatory compliance, improve water quality, and maximize the service life of the tanks. 

This program is a component of Sonoma Water’s Water Supply Strategies Action Plan.



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