High School and College Careers Program

9th-12th Grade

Careers in the Water Industry Presentation

Available to schools located in Sonoma County and Novato


Essential Question:

What careers exist in the water industry and what does the day-to-day of these jobs entail? 

Lesson Summary:

In this hands-on, one-hour presentation, Sonoma Water educators explain what careers exist in the water industry and students develop work skills by solving a career challenge relating to their particular interest. 


  • Students will explore career opportunities at Sonoma Water that are related to each student's unique interests and opportunities to develop work skills. 
  • Students will connect through a real-life scenario related to specific positions at Sonoma Water and be exposed to interests, duties, and responsibilities of Sonoma Water employees. 


Work for Water - A website to learn about careers in water. 

CA Water Jobs - A website to explore California's water certification programs. 

Bay Work - A website about Bay Area career paths in the water and wastewater industries.  

Energy Center - Renewable energy career resources. 

Next Generation Science Standards:

This lesson is designed to support NGSS curriculum. Students will use the scientific practices of asking questions, making observations, using models, and interpreting data to engage with real-world phenomena, designed to increase their understanding of water systems in our community and empower them to design their own solutions. 

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