Climate Action

Sonoma Water is a regional leader in water resources management. Sonoma Water strives to look forward, beyond today's issues, to anticipate ways to advance its mission.

One critical aspect of this mission is planning for, and ensuring, the long-term reliability and resilience of our water supply, wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse facilities, and flood control systems. Climate variability and climate change are significant drivers influencing the future reliability of these systems.

Sonoma Water’s Energy and Climate Resiliency Policy guides Sonoma Water’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and respond to climate risks.

The Climate Adaptation Plan developed adaptation strategies related to our water supply, sanitation, and flood control infrastructure and operations. The Plan serves to guide Sonoma Water in terms of prioritizing and allocating resources towards practices and projects that will improve the resiliency of its operations and facilities to climate variability and change.


Sonoma Water Climate Adaptation Plan Executive Summary (PDF, 3.72MB) October 2021 

Sonoma Water Climate Adaptation Plan Final Report  (PDF, 8.82MB) October 2021 

Appendix A. Background of Sonoma Water Climate Resilience Efforts (PDF, 4.14MB) October 2021 

Appendix B. Vulnerability Assessment (PDF, 2.47MB) October 2021 

Appendix C. Risk Assessment Special Studies (PDF, 3.55MB) October 2021 

Appendix D. Adaptation Concepts (PDF, 1.69MB) October 2021 

Appendix E. Potential Funding Sources (PDF, 458KB) October 2021 

Appendix F. Stakeholder Engagement (PDF, 483KB) October 2021 

Past Reports:

Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Work Plan (PDF, 4.5MB) October 2015