Annual Water Awareness Poster Contest

Winning Posters From the 2018-2019 Water Awareness Poster Contest

                                                                                                                                                3rd Grade Winners                    

 Anam Tariq.jpgMaddy Azzolino.jpgRuby Adams.jpgPippa Allen.jpg    Bella Yazzolino.jpg   Wyatt Daily.jpg

          Anam Tariq                                         Maddy Yazzolino                               Ruby Adams                                            Pippa Allen                                         Bella Azzolino                                          Wyatt Daily

                                                                                                                                                       4th Grade Winners   

                                                                                                                           Kaeya Shipp.jpg        Brooklyn Soukup.jpg

                                                                                                                                              Kaeya Shipp                                     Brooklyn Soukup

                                                                                                    5th Grade Winners                                                                                                                             6th Grade Winners 

                     Aliya Rehberg.jpgBelen Zamora-Garcia.jpgIbeth Rivera.jpg                             Samantha Reed.jpg  Cheyann Cena.jpg

                                      Aliya Rehberg                               Belen Zamora-Garcia                        Ibeth Rivera                                                               Samantha Reed                            Cheyann Cena

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More About the Contest Themes 

Grade 3-Only Rain Should Go Down the Storm Drain!
Help your students develop an empowering message by illustrating ways to prevent pollutants like trash and pet waste from entering our waterways.

A kid-friendly interactive website was developed by Project Wet that will help kids learn how to save water and keep it clean: Project Wet-Discover Water.

Here is an age-appropriate video that teaches kids about storm water: Freddy the Fish Teaches About Storm Water

Grade 4- Save Water to Save Energy!

Water is heavy! Moving water from groundwater sources near the Russian River to the nine cities and towns within our service area requires a lot of energy. Even more energy is used at home to heat water for showers, clothes washers and dishwashers. Then after it's used, water must be sent to a wastewater treatment plant where energy is used to treat it before it is released into the environment. Help your students understand that water conservation lowers energy use and is a positive step towards reducing our overall impact on the environment. 

For an overview of the connection between electricity generation and water go to: Union of Concerned Scientists-Energy and Water

Grade 5-Saving Water, Saves Fish!

The Russian River and its tributaries support three salmonid species listed under the federal Endangered Species Act: steelhead, Chinook and coho salmon. The Russian River is also the source of drinking water for over 600,000 people within our service area. When people use water at home they are using water from the watershed that we share with salmon and other living things. Using less water means there is more water for all of the other living things within our watershed including salmon.

To learn more about water supply and our local coho salmon populations go to: Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership

For information on water auditing at home and ways to save water: Learn how to be a water hero at home.

Grade 6-Ditch the Plastic, Your Tap Water is Fantastic!

Help get the word out that our tap water is continually monitored and tested to ensure safe, clean drinking water. Bottled water can cost up to 500 times more than tap water. Using a reusable water bottle and filling it up with tap water saves money, energy and water. 

The Story of Bottled Water

Fact Sheet about the amount of oil used to produce bottled water  


Please contact Trisha Meisler at or (707) 547-1926.

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