Projects in Progress

Listed below are projects that are currently in progress. View recently completed projects.

Cotati Tank No. 1 and Kastania Tank Recoat

The Work consists of removal and replacement of protective coatings on Cotati Tank No. 1 located at 1190 West Sierra Avenue and Kastania Tank located at 3543 Kastania Road, in unincorporated areas of Cotati and Petaluma. The Work includes repairing corroded structural steel features within the tanks, installing lateral bracing, applying protective coating to tank interiors, painting tank exteriors, installing new cathodic protection systems for long term corrosion prevention, and other miscellaneous improvements.

Date Started: May, 2023

Contract Amount: $6,450,000

Contractor: AMP United, LLC.,  Dover, NH


404 Aviation Boulevard Hvac Retrofit

The Work consists of retrofit of Owner’s existing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system located at Owner’s approximately 60,000 square foot Administration Building at 404 Aviation Boulevard, Santa Rosa, CA 94503.  The existing HVAC system consists of 17 air handling units of nominal cooling capacities ranging from 2 to 60 tons.  The Work includes associated structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and control modifications to support the HVAC air handling units replacement and building management system replacement.  

Date Started: May, 2022

Contract Amount: $1,758,949

Contractor: Buhler Commercial, San Francisco, CA


Ely Booster Station Hazard Mitigation

The Work consists of construction of Owner’s Ely Booster Station Hazard Mitigation located on Ely Road North in an unincorporated area of Petaluma.  The Work includes demolishing and replacing existing structures and appurtenances, including the switchgear, pump motor housing structure, valve actuators, and anchoring equipment, and elevating and sealing the electrical and mechanical appurtenances, including the existing generator, above the 500-year floodplain.

Date Started: June, 2022

Contract Amount: $2,666,666

Contractor: Royal Electric Company, Sacramento, CA