ZunZun Musical Watershed Assembly

Celebrate Earth Day with ZunZun

We invite you to celebrate water for Earth Day, while dancing to water conservations songs and instruments from around the world!

Sonoma Water is sponsoring this fun, free, 30-minute zoom session.

Tuesday, April 20th 

12:00pm - 12:30pm

Zoom Link

Our favorite musical duo, Gwynne and Stephen, have created many ways to bring their upbeat and energetic programs into your virtual classrooms. Students will be out of their chairs and moving to the music and rhythms as they celebrate water and learn valuable lessons about conservation, watersheds, water pollution, and climate change.

Distant Learning Options For Grades TK-6

  1. Schedule a live Zoom assembly and include multiple classes at the same time. 
  2. Watch their assembly with your students on a pre-recorded video.
  3. Select from 10 videos, 2 in Spanish, on different topics from watersheds to aquifers to preventing plastic pollution in the ocean, and planting a drought tolerant garden. 
  4. Download a free PDF of the WaterBeat Activity Book and follow along with ZunZun via video as they read and guide students through fun, interactive activities about water and related topics.
  5. Two "google form assemblies" are available (one in Spanish) that students click through to watch videos and answer questions. 
  6. Share interactive activities with your students such as a virtual water matching game or request a packet of California poppy seeds for students to plant at home or in their neighborhood.  Poppy Seed Instruction Sheet in English and Spanish.pdf


More About ZunZun
ZunZun’s Musical Watershed Assembly is sponsored by Sonoma Water and Sonoma Clean Power and is available to elementary schools in Sonoma and Mendocino counties and schools within the City of Novato. This 45-minute assembly program engages students with musical segments focused on where your water comes from, climate change, storm drain pollution, and water and energy conservation. Your students will learn how the choices they make, can positively impact the Russian River Watershed and its biodiversity. Students and teachers are active participants in the program —getting up on stage, singing, dancing, and playing a variety of folkloric instruments. ZunZun’s programs are always lively, participatory, and multilingual (Spanish, Portuguese, English). This highly acclaimed group has performed in 14 countries throughout the Americas and have appeared on regional, national, and international radio and television.

Contact ZunZun directly at zunzuntunes@gmail.com or visit their website at www.zunzuntunes.com. 

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