Infrastructure Improvement Projects

Sonoma Water maintains over 100 miles of water aqueducts and pipelines, as well as numerous pump stations, storage tanks, production wells, and other critical equipment as part of its Water Transmission System. Sonoma Water will need to undertake significant capital investments as our infrastructure ages in order to continue providing excellent service and low rates.

View Water Transmission System Budget Overview Fiscal Year 2022-2023

The infrastructure improvement project videos listed below provide more information about how Sonoma Water is dedicated to keeping water Clean, Reliable, Essential, and Every Day. 

Hannah Camp, Professional Engineer and Electrical Engineer at Sonoma Water shares about the Corrosion Protection Program

video en español

Scott Carter, Engineer at Sonoma Water shares about the Water Storage Tank Maintenance Plan 

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Steve Koldis, Engineer at Sonoma Water shares about the Russian River Pipeline Crossing Upgrade

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