Russian River County Sanitation District

About the District

  • Began Operation: 1983 
  • Service area: 2,700 acres
  • Service recipients: 3,214 Equivalent Single-Family Dwelling
  • Treatment level: Tertiary
  • Design capacity: 710,000 gallons per day (average daily dry weather flow)
  • Discharge: Between October 1 and May 14 recycled water is discharged into the Russian River. Between May 15 and September 30 the recycled water is used for irrigation on forested land adjacent to the treatment plant and on the Northwood Golf Course.
  • Board of Directors:  Sonoma Water's Board of Directors act as the District's Board.

We need your help!

Russian River County Sanitation District (RRCSD) is applying for state funding to upgrade critical wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure in your community. 

To determine our District’s eligibility, the funding agency must determine the median household income of RRCSD’s service area. 

Action requested

If you receive an envelope (like the one shown here) in your mailbox or on your door, please fill out the income survey inside and return it using the self-addressed stamped envelope. A large response rate is required for the survey to be considered valid.

Surveys will be mailed to households the last week of February 2024. 

This survey will be conducted by the Rural Community Assistance Corporation ( Your responses to this survey will be kept anonymous. No personal identifying information will be reported in the survey results. All respondents’ personal information will remain confidential.

Newsletters and Proposition 218 Notices:

Budget Information

Headworks, Lift Stations and Force Mains Project

The District has completed an alternatives analysis of three force mains in its network and an extensive condition assessment of all lift stations and the headworks facility. The results of each of the assessments have contributed to the District’s understanding of the infrastructure improvements necessary within its service area.

Learn more about the Infrastructure Improvement Projects, Community Meetings and Presentations 

The Russian River County Sanitation District (RRCSD) would like to urge our neighbors to increase preparedness and safety during rainstorm events that present a health risk to residents. 

During heavy rainstorms associated with atmospheric rivers, the RRCSD sewer collection system could possibly become inundated with storm and flood water, which may contribute to an increased chance of sanitary sewer overflows (SSO) which could increase the risk to the public.

We are asking residents to assist by following these suggestions during heavy rains:
- Please do not drain any non-sewage, into the sewer system.  
- Please reduce your indoor water use and limit your input into the wastewater collection system during rainstorms and rising river levels.  
- Secure your sewer clean-out caps (typically located between your home and the street), making sure they are properly sealed and secure. Rain and floodwater entering through open caps may contribute s to an increased chance of overflows.  
- Please report any manhole covers that are displaced. If you see a sewage overflow from a manhole please report it to the RRCSD immediately. Call the Operations Desk (24 Hours): 707-523-1070

Use caution and avoid any contact with overflowing sewage and flood waters as it may pose a variety of health risks to residents.

Notification Plan For Overflows

In 2022, Sonoma Water developed a new plan for notifying people about significant sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). This notification process was developed with feedback from and in compliance with the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board and included feedback from residents and organizations.

Implementation of the plan is underway and includes signs in both English and Spanish that are being carried by maintenance workers, to be immediately posted at SSO sites. Other notification procedures include bilingual flyers to be hand delivered to affected neighborhoods, social media alerts, Sonoma Water website updates, press releases and a new sewer overflow hotline, which will be updated during events: (707) 521-1866. In addition, for very large SSOs, Sonoma Water is working with Sonoma County’s emergency management department on procedures for using its phone alert system.

View Spill Notification Plan

Russian River County Sanitation District Sanitary Sewer System Spill Notification Program

On behalf of the Russian River County Sanitation District, Sonoma Water is offering the opportunity for customers to opt into a program designed to provide notifications during sanitary sewer system spills.

Spills may occur during heavy rain events or periods of high-water flow in the Russian River. During these events, Sonoma Water crews will respond to the incident. In cases where there are potential impacts to customers, Sonoma Water has provided a platform for communication and updates. Opting into voice calls, text messages, and/or email notifications will ensure that you receive up-to-date information about the impacts of these spills in your area.

To issue these notifications, Sonoma Water is using an alert and notification system which securely stores contact data and allows Sonoma Water staff to issue notifications to multiple contact points simultaneously. The information provided will be used only for these specific notifications.

To opt into this notification service, please add your information in this form: You will also have the opportunity to sign up for updates about the Russian River County Sanitation District and news on programs and projects.

For questions, please contact 707-523-1070  or

Proposed Sewer Lateral Ordinance for Russian River County Sanitation District

Sonoma Water recently held a series of community meetings to discuss a proposed sewer lateral ordinance aimed at preventing sewer overflows that occur during heavy rains. The ordinance would apply to the Russian River and Occidental County Sanitation Districts, and the Airport/Larkfield/Wikiup, Geyserville, and Sea Ranch Sanitation Zones, all of which are operated by Sonoma Water.

The ordinance would provide Sonoma Water with the ability to inspect, and if necessary, require the repair of sewer laterals that are failing and contributing to pollution and sewer overflows. The proposed ordinance will NOT require any point-of-sale sewer lateral inspections or repairs. The proposed ordinance would not include a mandatory inspections program, but if faulty laterals are detected during routine inspections, Sonoma Water could require repairs. An inspection could also be required if a main sewer line that is connected to the lateral is being replaced or rehabilitated. The ordinance is proposed in five sanitation zones and districts Sonoma Water manages in Sonoma County.

Learn more about the Proposed Sewer Lateral Ordinance

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