Russian River County Sanitation District - Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Every five years, the Russian River County Sanitation District must review and revise its Local Hazard Mitigation Plan to continue to be eligible for mitigation project grant funding. The previous plan was approved by FEMA on April 16, 2018. 

Our staff determined that consolidating all local hazard mitigation plans into one plan would be a more cost-effective approach. Therefore, we are merging the Local hazard mitigation plan for Russian River County Sanitation District into Sonoma Water's Local Hazard Mitigation Plan. 


As of 2023, the RRCSD LHMP has been merged into the Sonoma Water LHMP. 

To review the LHMP and provide input, visit:

2018 RRCSD Final Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

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About the District

The Russian River County Sanitation District began operations in 1983 and serves 3,214 Equivalent Single-Family Dwellings within a 2,700-acre service area. The treatment plant has a design capacity of 710,000 gallons per day and treats wastewater to tertiary treatment levels and provides tertiary treated water for irrigation.