Flood Protection Facilities

Upper Petaluma River Watershed Flood Control Project

The Upper Petaluma River Watershed Flood Control Project focuses on capturing and detaining stormwater in the upper watershed with the primary goal of reducing flood risk locally and downstream. Modeling and analysis have resulted in the identification of 20 locations that could be suitable for possible detention basins. 

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Central Sonoma Watershed Project

The principal flood protection facilities on the tributaries of the Russian River comprise the Central Sonoma Watershed Project, which was constructed by Sonoma Water in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Soil Conservation Service (now called the Natural Resource Conservation Service, NRCS). The work plan for this project was completed in 1958, and various components of this project were constructed over the ensuing 25 years. Project components included the construction of floodwater-retarding structures and the straightening, shaping, and stabilizing of waterways. The project alleviates flooding in the Santa Rosa urban area.

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