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Job Shadow Program

THE JOB SHADOW PROGRAM IS CANCELLED INDEFINITELY to ensure public safety and reduce the risk posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

EL PROGRAMA DE OBSERVACIÓN DE PROFESIONALES HA SIDO CANCELADO INDEFINIDAMENTE para garantizar la seguridad pública y reducir el riesgo que representa el Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Job Shadow at Sonoma Water

Sonoma Water's Job Shadow Program is available to high school students in our service area.  Students learn about a job by walking through part of the work day as a “shadow” to a Sonoma Water staff member. Job shadowing provides a unique opportunity for students to explore a career path and learn firsthand the responsibilities, skill requirements, and future outlook of a career field in an effort to make an informed decision when determining a career path.

Students are matched with a Sonoma Water employee based on the student’s career interests. The student will spend 2 hours immersed in the work environment, observe daily activities and ask questions.

About Sonoma Water

Sonoma Water provides drinking watersanitation and flood protection services to portions of Sonoma and Marin Counties. Jobs at Sonoma Water offer an exciting opportunity for a career in various fields including engineering, environmental resource management, water and wastewater treatment, administration, and public outreach.

The Water Industry is a growing field with many exciting possibilities for a fulfilling career!

Jobs at Sonoma Water

Sonoma Water has over 200 employees who are responsible for a variety of functions:

To perform these functions, Sonoma Water has nearly 70 job classifications employing a diverse group of professionals which include:

  • Equipment and stream maintenance staff
  • Mechanics
  • Water and wastewater operators
  • Civil and mechanical engineers
  • Chemists
  • Biologists
  • Hydrogeologists
  • Electricians

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Please contact Christine Byrne at Christine.Byrne@scwa.ca.gov